T-REX 64 preview

The jumping dino game for Commodore 64.

Help this little green monster in reaching the end of each level. Avoid deadly obstacles such as cactuses, birds, snakes and scorpios. Don't even ask why she is constantly running.

The release of the full game is expected by the end of 2021.

Download official preview (PAL Only)


Jump or duck to avoid obstacles. Any contact is deadly and decrements your precious spare life amount.

Title screen options

Start the game with either FIRE or SPACE key press.

Game controls

Running the game

Easiest way to run the game on PC is to use Vice emulator to run PRG executable:

x64 rex.prg

Use D64 image to run T-Rex on real Commodore 64. Copy the file to the USB drive / SD card and use it with Ultimate 1541 or SD2EIC. Once mounted, the game can be loaded simply by:



For really classy experience you can also transfer D64 directly into 5.25 floppy disk and run it from 1541.

Building from sources

You need JDK (Java) 11 or higher in order to build T-Rex from sources. Checkout sources from GitHub, enter the project directory and execute from command line:

gradlew build

Assembled PRG and D64 files can be found in src directory.



T-Rex project uses KickAssembler, Charpad, Spritepad, GoatTracker2 and Retro Assembler gradle plugin for build automation.

I (Maciek) would like to thank to Paul Hocker for his KickAssembler plugin for Visual Studio Code.

Big thanks to Skoe: The EasyFlash3 makes the cross development process neat due to Easy Transfer software and PRG execution directly on real Commodore machines.

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